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Earn more by predicting which token is Up Next.

Use predictive staking to maximise your gains. Simply predict which token will go up or down by staking your tokens, selecting a timeframe and percentage target. The most accurate predictions you make will incur the highest reward.


Get rewarded for powering our ecosystem.

Stake with no fees to secure a daily reward, or turn on Predictive Staking to multiply your earnings. Predictive mode requires a fee paid in $GLASS, while our no loss system ensures even incorrect predictions return a profit.


Social Sentiment Tracking

Our second layer platform will feature full social sentiment tracking. Define the parameters of your search and let us do the rest. Get notified when opinions are made - and when they change.


Know the market before it happens

We decentralise thousands of opinions through one easy tracker. Data collected through Predictive Staking is seamlessly integrated with Next Up- showing you the next big thing before it even happens. Since the community votes with their holdings, this is a fair and unbiased process.

Powered by $GLASS

Presale Soon

Glass is our native ecosystem token. Powering Predictive Staking, Next Up and Sentiment Tracker. Use $GLASS to interact with our tools - and be rewarded for your hard work.

Powered by $HOUSE

Arriving Q1 2022

House is our ecosystem reward token. Earn more House by making correct predictions and staking your tokens. House holdings are required to access our Sentiment Tracker.


Transactions Per Second (Smart Chain)


Advisory Board Members


Tokens in our Ecosystem


Ultimate Asset Platform

The most valuable asset we have as traders is insight - and we are decentralising insight.
We are tokenising sentiment.


Founder, Glasshouse


Begin Backend Development
Begin dApp & mobile app development
Glass token presale
Pancakeswap launch
Smart contract audit
Coinmarketcap listing
Coingecko listing
DappRadar listing
BSCScan, Dextools advertisment
Interview with founder
Marketing and promotion
Alpha dApp launch
Implement deflationary buyback and burn for $GLASS
Beta dApp released to public
Next Up, Predictive Staking and Sentiment Tracker beta
Launch $HOUSE Reward token
Integrate predictive data into developer friendly API
Advanced partnership development
B2B marketing
Media partnership and and advanced promotion
Datahut partnership & social API
IBM partnership
Apeswap listing
CEX listings
Full ecosystem launch
Stable dApp released to public
Final version of Next Up, Predictive Staking and Sentiment Tracker
Testflight iOS app and beta Android app
Beta Windows / MacOS app
Non-custodial web3 wallet for above platforms
Seamless staking in web3 wallet
Implemented deflationary buyback and burn for $HOUSE

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